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Shabbat Services

Shabbat is a Gateway for Reaching Expanded Consciousness

At Eretz, Kabbalistic tradition greatly emphasizes Shabbat observance. Whether the mystical significance of the 39 prohibited acts of work, meditations on the Shabbat prayers and Kiddush, candle lighting, Jewish mysticism teaches volumes on the particulars, as well as the general mindset, which can give one access to the spiritual treasure of this most holy of days.

In the worldview of the Kabbalah, Shabbat is more than just a day of rest. It is a gateway for reaching expanded consciousness. By studying the Kabbalistic understanding of the cycle of the weekdays and their prayers, one sees that on Shabbat the entire world becomes spiritually elevated. Engaged in the meditations and the Kabbalistic customs of Shabbat, a person’s ability to rectify their own individual soul, as well as that of all Creation, is greatly enhanced.



For Mincha and Kabbalat times, please see our calendar or weekly email.


9 am - Shabbat Prayer

10 am - Shema Israel – Healing Prayer Meditation

10 am to 12 pm - Shabbat Youth Services

10:30 am - Torah reading

11 am - Weekly Parsha Kabbalistic Insight

12 pm - Musaf

12:30 pm - Conclusion of Services followed by Sponsor Kiddush
(if you would like to sponsor a kiddush, please click here)

For Mincha times, please see our calendar or weekly email.

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