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Leadership of Eretz Synagogue

Board of Directors & Executive Committee

Nader Ghiam - ECC President
David Rastegar - ECC Vice President

Gideon Ashoori- ECC Treasurer Corporate Secretary

  • Susan Arasteh

  • Keyvan Darougar

  • David Delrahim

  • Afsaneh Geoola

  • Ray Goel

  • Nicole Houman

  • Frank Pournazarian

  • Phillip Pournazarian

  • David Pourshamtobi

  • Mahsa Shamsa


Advisory Committee - David Delrahim / Phillip Pournazarian

Design & Review Committee - Ray Goel / David Pourshemtobi

Executive Committee - Rebecca Aghalarpour

Finance Committee - Frank Pournazarian / David Pourshemtobi
Fundraising Committee - Ray Goel
Legal Committee - Nicole Houman / Frank Pournazarian
Membership Committee - 

Men's Club -
Program & Seminar Committee - Afsaneh Geeola / Mahsa Shamsa

Safety & Security Committee - Gideon Ashoori

Sisterhood - Manijeh Pournazarian

Social Media Committee -  Sanam Aghalarpour

Spiritual & Religious Committee - Nader Ghiam / Keyvan Darougar

Youth Program Committee - Susan Arasteh

Rebecca Aghalarpour

Executive Director


Rebecca was brought into Eretz as the synagogue’s Executive Director in May 2018 in order for her to focus on growth and organization, which is her forté. After receiving her B.A. in Business and Design, Rebecca spent many years in the world of business. She secured success in multiple industries, and over the course of 25 years, has held a position for various non-profits such as; Chabad, Marquez School, Paul Revere School, Pali High, and Chamber of  Commerce/Pacific Palisades. 


She has volunteered for numerous organizations and helping people is the backbone of her personal mission in life. Even as a child, she donated a portion of her paycheck to Children’s Hospital.

Prior to joining Eretz, Rebecca founded a lifestyle company with the creation of an organic home product. Her intention was to inform and improve the health and well-being of people inside their homes and accomplished that with hard work and research on non-toxic products.

Rebecca is excited to be at Eretz at this time to help shepherd in the next generation. For her, expansion and growth are a pivotal part of each day here, along with cultivating new membership.


As a mother of two children herself, she is aware of the importance of new programs that activate the children and families who comprise this unique Eretz community, as well as a keen focus on creative fundraising to support the graceful growth of Eretz.

Rebecca believes that “to give back is to receive more.”

Shiva Naim

Front Office Manager


Call our front office to receive a Shalom from Shiva!

Ernesto Saucedo

Facility Groundskeeper

Our beautiful facility is maintained with love by honorable Ernesto

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