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Clergy of Eretz Synagogue

“Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.”


Our Rabbi at Eretz helps our members to foster a spiritual sanctuary within themselves and the lives of their family, as well as contributing to the temple’s sanctuary in which the Eretz community gathers to connect for service. We are blessed to have Rabbi Mordechai Azran as our Rabbinical presence at Eretz. He brings his joy, warmth, and insight into every service he leads, making everyone feels at home and inspired.

In Shabbat services, on High Holidays, and all other religious services Rabbi Azran leads the Torah portion, while our Spiritual Kabbalistic Leader does the reading of the week, known as Parshah. He also participates in the Kabbalah class services. Rabbi Azran is available for individual counseling if there is a need.


Our leaders grew up at Eretz with parents who participated in the temple before its transition, so they are an integral part of the growth we continue to enact.

Rouhollah Morim, Khazan

Rouhollah Morim has been Khazan of the temple for over 25 years. Mr. Morim has been part of our Synagogue from the first day our doors opened in 1979. He recites in Shabbat services with his beautiful voice as well as Monday and Thursday morning services.

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