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Shavuot is one of the Three Pilgrimage Festivals and celebrates the revelation of the Five Books of the Torah by God to Moses and to the Israelites at biblical Mount Sinai.

The night of Shavuot is a time when we can feel and understand the total unity that can and does exist between ourselves and the Light. As human beings, we may sometimes fall and may even find ourselves doing things that we are not so proud of. We may sink into the depths of darkness and despair. But know as long as we are breathing, we will always have that spark of God within us. It is there to guide us, to inspire us, to motivate us to become better for ourselves and others around us. Most importantly, it is there to remind us that it is where we came from, and it is where we all have an opportunity to return at any given moment. With this understanding, and with this bond which we will experience on Erev Shavuot, as we connect around the world as a global community, we can even in the darkest of moments remember the Light that always exists inside of us and all around us. 

Shavuot Event
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