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Project ERETZ

Where young and old come to learn kabbalah and explore the richness of their heritage. Where people come to help or be helped. Where people care. And smile. And live a spiritual life to the fullest.. Be a part of this historical journey and help us reach our goal of $500,000 for Project Eretz Phase One!

There was a pivotal moment in this organization when an older generation who has planted strong traditional seeds, started having children who would later take it upon themselves to evolve Eretz into the modern spiritual Jewish community that it is today. Well, now the Eretz founders’ children have grown up! For the past 10 years, with the launch of new programs and mystical teaching of the Kabbalah, it is they who now make up the core of this modern-day spiritual community known as Eretz Synagogue. A new history and history are in the making…

To donate, please fill out for the form below or contact Rebecca Aghalarpour (818) 342-9303 x102.

Thank you to the following families for their generous donations:

  • Delrahim Family $25,000

  • Ghiam Family $25,000

  • Kambiz Yadidi $2,000

  • Massachi Family $1,000

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