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Youth Club


The Eretz Youth Club strives to create a welcoming environment for today’s youth with the purpose of sharing with them the rich tapestry of Jewish history.

Our  Program is guided on Torah principals and we put an emphasis on teaching Jewish fundamentals – Aleph-Bet, Tefilla, Parasha – as well as proper Middot, respect for elders, kindness to one another and lastly a love of Israel.

Our youth program has grown tremendously in the last few years and we now have just finished our youth center (located downstairs) and have multiple programs for different age groups. Our youth are all well mannered and come from amazing homes. We have a weekly youth-only service and kiddush, fabulous prizes, and tons of activities to keep our precious souls well natured and excited to come back.

We look forward to making you part of our Eretz family!

Youth Services

Youth Services at ESCC champions all the best that Shabbat Services have to offer. The children at ESCC Youth raise their voices in Tefilla (Prayers), excitedly shout answer after answer in Aleph Beth Champ, sit riveted during Weekly Parasha/Holiday review, get deep in discussion with the Teen Corner, admire the tales told about the Jewish Hero of the Week, play a variety of interactive group-oriented Games, look forward to and participate enthusiastically in the Monthly Raffle and enjoy delicious food and treats in our very own Youth Kiddush (Kids only zone! No parents allowed!) which is always followed by Candy and Snack Bazaar!

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