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Mission and History of Eretz Synagogue


ERETZ Synagogue is a traditional Jewish congregation servicing its community for 40 years. Our mission is to provide an inclusive, warm, and welcoming community to find a spiritual path that deepens the bond with Judaism's enduring traditions. 

We strive to strengthen the connection with our congregants to help them live a more meaningful and purposeful life through the teachings of Judaism. We help promote a sense of peace and unity within our community and beyond with our acts of loving-kindness and social justice. We pursue our mission through prayer, rituals, learning, music, and the other gifts G-d has given us.


Following an ancient tradition, those of us who comprise a segment of the Jews of Persia who left Iran in the aftermath of the 1979 Iranian Revolution to settle in the San Fernando Valley area decided to build a synagogue of our own.  Since there were less than ten thousand of us, we could have worshiped at the many synagogues in the immediate area.


We felt we needed a place that would enable us to practice our faith and act as the focal point for our own particular Persian Jewish culture, which our families and ancestors developed over 2,500 years of living in the land of Cyrus the Great.

These include support for the State of Israel, assistance to the sick and the needy among our community members, the establishment of a center for our children's religious studies, and more.

There was a pivotal moment in this organization when an older generation who had planted strong traditional seeds started having children.  These new generations would evolve Eretz into the modern spiritual Jewish community that it is today.

Now the Eretz founders' children have grown up, and we are entering yet a new generation! For the past ten years, with the launch of new programs and the mystical teaching of the Kabballah, it is these new generations who now make up the core of this modern-day spiritual community known as Eretz Synagogue.

A new history and herstory are in the making…

What is Your Eretz Story?

What is your History With Eretz Synagogue?

Do you have a fun, exciting, and inspirational story about Eretz you want to share?  We would love to hear from you!

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