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Code of Conduct

Key Principles and Code of Conduct

Key Principles - Eretz Synagogue and Cultural Center (ECC) is an inclusive and engaging spiritual community.

We take aim to welcome everyone and operate on a foundation of equality and mutual respect. ECC is responsible for caring for all users of its facilities – members, staff, and visitors – and nobody should be made to feel unwelcome, uncomfortable, or unsafe. Everyone merits respect and can enjoy ECC's peace, friendship, and facilities without disorder.


Code of Conduct - This Code of Conduct requires ALL users (members and visitors) of ECC’s facilities to take all reasonable steps to:

  • Always refrain from disrespectful and offensive language and behavior.

  • Respect the safety of others.

  • Respect how services, functions, and activities are presented at ECC.

  • Avoid damaging the building, its contents, and other users' property.

If a member or visitor has any feedback or suggestions as to how ECC’s activities can be improved, this should be presented in a considered and respectful manner to ECC’s authorized officers or employees.

In addition, ALL users of ECC’s facilities can expect the following:

  • No one will be harassed, abused, or intimidated, either verbally or physically.

  • Everyone will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability, or age.

  • People’s feelings will be valued and respected at all times.

Language or humor that people find offensive and unwelcome will not be tolerated.

Incident Management - All incidents of harassment or improper behavior should be reported immediately to ECC’s authorized delegates. You can do so by contacting a member of the ECC office or Director. All such incidents will be addressed promptly and in confidence. In all cases, an amicable and acceptable resolution will be sought.

If a matter cannot be resolved by way of a cordial and acceptable apology and a commencing that the offense will not be repeated, the following action will be taken:

  • The offender will be given a warning that the offense shall not be repeated.

  • If there is a repeat offense, the offender will be barred from ECC’s facilities for a defined period or be excluded from ECC.

  • Any other action provided by the Bylaws of ECC or under the law.

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