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We Welcome you to Join our ECC Community

We are a community anchored by connection and excited by growth.

We are the children born to the previous generation of congregants who founded this organization. We are the ones who picked up where they left off…and continue to evolve Eretz.

Ours is a thriving community with a strong desire to give back.

Here, you will find a spiritual community rooted in tradition with a modern style of practice. The mystical practice of Kabbalah energizes our community while we continue to teach it and learn more. It is our intention and part of our practice to live meaningful lives.

Our membership embraces all ages while focusing especially on youth and younger families whose consistent input we welcome so that we may continue to bloom in rich soil and grow this sacred space.

Ours in a non-bureaucratic environment where our Rabbi is accessible to the members, spiritual education is encouraged, and social awareness is a priority. It is an environment where currently many choose to provide their dedicated services free of charge to the center.

With unique programs for youth, sisterhood, Kabbalah learning and Torah Learning the membership is thriving. We know how integral connection, communication and culture are to support and grow this special place. We hope to create more programs soon and love to hear exciting ideas!

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