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Learn Hebrew with Rabbi Azran



Because it is the language of sacred texts, Hebrew itself was often considered sacred. In post-biblical times, it was referred to as Lashon ha-Kodesh, the holy language.


Hebrew was often thought to be the language of the angels, and indeed, of God.


According to rabbinic tradition, Hebrew was the original language of humanity. It was spoken by all of humankind prior to the dispersion described in the Tower of Babel story in Genesis. In addition, the Hebrew language was thought of as the tool that God used to create the world.


A midrash states that “Just as the Torah was given in Lashon ha-Kodesh, so the world was created with Lashon ha-Kodesh.” Similarly, the mystical book Sefer Yetzirah describes the creation of the world through the manipulation of the Hebrew alphabet.

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