“Remember the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.” – Rumi

Our Rabbi at Eretz helps our members to foster a spiritual sanctuary within themselves and the lives of their family, as well as contributing to the temple’s sanctuary in which the Eretz community gathers to connect for service. We are blessed to have Rabbi Mordechai Azran as our Rabbinical presence at Eretz. He brings his joy, warmth, and insight to every service he leads, making everyone feels at home and inspired.

In Shabbat services, on High Holidays, and all other religious services Rabbi Azran leads the Torah portion, while our Spiritual Kabbalistic Leader does the reading of the week, known as Parshah. He also participates in the Kabbalah class services. Rabbi Azran is available for individual counseling if there is a need.

Our leaders grew up at Eretz with parents who participated in the temple before its transition, so they are an integral part of the growth we continue to enact.

Rabbi and Cantor Mordechai Azran

Born in Casablanca-Morocco, and educated in a variety of lands including Montreal and Quebec Canada, France, and Israel, his background is eclectic and his passion for study robust. We have been blessed to have Rabbi and Cantor Mordechai Azran with Eretz since 2012 where his duties also include Cantor and Torah studies, as well as Bar/Bat Mitzvah educator.

As a young rabbinical student, his studies at Yeshivat Hanegev Rabbinical Institute ultimately led him to his graduation from Machon Renanot Academy in Israel.

Prior to joining us at Eretz, he served as Cantor, Rabbi, and educator in Torah studies for children and adults in a variety of regions including Jerusalem, Venezuela, Mexico, and on both east and west coasts here in the USA.

While he speaks many languages (English, Hebrew, French and Spanish,) it is his emotional warmth and open heart that allow him to relate to so many and offer our Eretz community his gifts. Inspired by one of his mentors, a Holocaust survivor, who taught him that “if you start with a joke, people will open their hearts… then you put something in,” his services are intentionally delivered with a bit of loving humor. Keiruv is the Hebrew word for “approachable, and it is a good word to associate with this man. It is clear that he loves his job. Just as the whole of the Eretz community, he perpetuates spiritual partnership, and as would happen in a warm family, he experiences that everyone pitches in. After teaching and serving all over the world to students and congregants young and older, he says that Eretz, is different. “It is personal and people open up.” It is his hope that when community members are here, those who gather with him for service “will see the wider world behind this building… see the color picture instead of just the rendering.”

Rouhollah Morim, Khazan

Rouhollah Morim has been Khazan of the temple for over 25 years. Mr. Morim has been part of our Synagogue from the first day our doors opened in 1979. He recites in Shabbat services with his beautiful voice as well as Monday and Thursday morning services.