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Kabbalistic Astrology

A powerful and positive approach to challenges of life according to Kabbalah

Kabbalah classes with Mrs. Fariba Mesriani

Overview of the lineage of Kabbalah teaches us that everyone and everything in this world has a spark of the Light within. The more we are like the Light, the more we can reconnect to the Light and experience greater fulfillment in our lives.


The limitation of the Five Senses: seeing the big picture and not reacting to the limited One Percent reality before us.

We receive a constant infusion of this Light throughout our lives that sustain and enable us on our spiritual journey.


This is an experience that empowers you to take your life to new heights using the secrets of this ancient wisdom. Overcoming the obstacles, challenges, and difficulties of our (Tikun) or correction, connects us to the Light and help us grow.

The power of mind over matter and Injecting certainty into our consciousness, miracles are awakened with a consciousness of certainty and rising above our natures.

Understand the nature of the universe and why you are here. No matter what your religion, race, or background regardless of your current level of understanding, education, or skills.


Learn why and how uncertainty creates worry, fears, stress, anxiety, doubt, and sadness in our lives, how we can awaken the energy of miracles in our lives, and how the spiritual tools of Kabbalah can assist us in achieving our potential. Learn your true destiny and start to live the life you were born to live.

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