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Kabbalah Step-by-Step

Every Shabbat, all around the world, the Jewish people join together in reciting the same weekly parashah. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, each Tora reading has a unique gift, light, and energy. In order to connect to and manifest this special gift, we must first be aware of its presence and gain knowledge of its purpose.


Once we have done this, we uncover that every section of the Tora has its own respective secrets that can provide the tools to assist us to change our lives and our consciousness and in reaching our potential.


The class Kabbalah Step by Step is designed to provide a space for discovery and exploring this energy to learn about how to unlock these secrets. With the help of the teaching of Kabbalah and the Zohar, we can reveal these lessons and learn how to exactly implement them in our daily lives. This practice better equips us in facing our daily challenges, improving our relationships, and assisting us in reaching our goals. Join Farima and her class on their journey to self-discovery every Monday at Eretz Synogague and Cultural Center.

Each Monday, Farima Kahen Kashani and her class explore the weekly parashah and discover the Kabbalistic energy, secrets, and wisdom of the week. The intention is to apply these learnings to our daily challenges and incorporate these Kabbalistic teachings into our everyday lives.

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