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Kabbalah for All

Tuesday Mornings with Homa Mehdiani

Kabbalah is a way of living. In our lives, we constantly play games. There is two things we should know about so we can be a winner and successful physically and spiritually in the game of life.


First, we have to know the RULES of the game, because if we don’t, we can never play it right.

Second, we also need TOOLS to win, so we can use them to help us to elevate ourselves & to be able to overcome our negative aspects.

Kabbalah for all classes are designed not only to show us the access to our tools to overcome our obstacles and achieve our goals, it also guides us to open new windows to spiritual pathways.

Every week we explore new rules of Kabbalah to enhance our life to reach our maximum potential. The study of Kabbalah helps us to discover a deeper understanding of our self.

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