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Inner Peace

My name is Jinous Tabibian. I was born in Tehran, and first child of a family of four. My extended family was and currently is mostly composed of doctors.


So the idea of being a healer has been in my life from an early age. I have always been fascinated by life other than what is tangible and here and now. I have been a student of arts since childhood.


I hold a Master’s degree in Arts and Interior Design. Art has inspired me with a vision to go beyond the mundane.  I have completed many courses in self-improvement, hypnotherapy, and many years a dedicated student and a firm believer of Kabalistic learning. My life circumstances have been such that I have looked for self-balance and deep inner peace in life despite all the challenges which I have confronted.


Today, I do not look at life and ask why. I see the beautiful balance that exists in the creation and have made it my goal to share that with others with love and in a very acceptable language.

This class and workshop aim to give you the tools to see an alternative vision of being happy and at peace with yourself.

Major Topics of Discussion:

  • What is the purpose of My Life?

  • How to heal my feelings, body, and mind

  • What do my feelings and emotions tell me about myself?

  • What is the significance of the individuals in my life?

  • How to recognize the wonderful in me and others?

  • Why do I blame?

  • How to shift your misconception about life’s pressures.

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